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What are the Benefits of Individualized Program?

The Individualized Anger Management program is a person-centered program. That is, the program is organized around the specific needs of each individual person rather than organizing the person around a pre-determined program.

The specific anger issue, the depth and breadth of its expression, the unique learning style, time restraints, economic circumstance and level of commitment of each participant determines the duration, design and specific method used. 

What you will learn in an Individualized Program?

Part 1: Learning To Stop Between Our Anger And Our Actions

Anger is a negative human emotion. It is not our anger however that gets us into trouble. It is the impulsive and often unconscious behavior we use to express our anger that so often defeats us. Learning to stop between our anger and our actions so that we can consider the consequences of our response is the first part of anger management training. Part one is the elementary part of the program and addresses this basic principle.

Part 2: Learning To Become A Less Angry Person

Managing our anger or stopping between our anger and our actions to consider the consequences of our responses, is only the beginning. Helpful yes, but if we are to break the bonds of anger, we must explore the origins of our anger and challenge the self-defeating attitudes and beliefs that evoke it. Part two is the intermediate part of the program and addresses this essential process.

Part 3. Learning To Resolve Interpersonal Conflict

We co-create conflict with others. We each play a role in the interactions that lead to emotional (and sometimes physical) confrontation. As we act out our role, our actions evoke responses. Skillfully executed collaborative action tends to evoke cooperative responses while unskilled combative actions tend to evoke defensive responses. Mastering the skills of collaborative action is the key to effective conflict resolution. Part 3 is the advanced part of the program and teaches these powerful interpersonal skills.