marci still 1 -thumb-350x196-26213On July 21, 2009 MBRC Counselor Ellery Holesapple waited for Marci outside the Alaska Air baggage claim at LAX. And waited. And waited.

Finally he called to report Marci must have missed the plane. No, we said, her husband had just heard from her.

“She walked right past me waiting for her with a sign that had her name printed on it,” recalls Ellery four and a half years later. “When I reached her by phone she stated she tried to score crack from the guy on the island (where people wait for shuttles) at LAX. It took another 15-20 minutes talking with her on the phone before she would tell me where she was.

“I think I actually walked past her again before she told me where she was exactly. She had been hiding behind all of her luggage (remember she came in with like 5 VERY LARGE suitcases packed to the brim. Once we connected she tried to persuade me to stop on the way to MBRC (just for a few days) and get crack and then we would go to the center after that. I give her credit she was persistent in wanting to get high.”

I asked Ellery if he would have bet on Marci, if he could have guessed that she would still be sober on January 28, 2014. He says he gives everyone a 50:50 chance.

Veteran Addiction Counselor Marty Brenner, who schooled Marci in anger management and parenting skills for two months, said he would not have given her even those odds. “She was angry at the world,” he recalls. He describes the petite young woman who used to operate heavy construction equipment for a living as having “a heart of gold.”

“She wanted to get healthy. And I am so happy she became the woman she always wanted to be. She didn’t think it was possible in 2009.”

Photo: Marci on her John Deere in January 2014

Click here for Marci’s compelling story.

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