By Marty Brenner, C.C.D.C. #104227

Anger Management Beverly HillsIt seems that hardly a day goes by that we don’t read of some celebrity engaging in destructive activity; from drunken driving to barroom brawls. Beyond what this says about the individual engaging in this activity, many sports and entertainment personalities, whether they wish it or not, are role models for today’s youth. Young people often emulate the styles and actions of their role models including, unfortunately, those that have to be categorized as anti-social or dysfunctional.

Outbursts of negative, destructive actions are often a cry for help and attention from the malefactor, indicating some unmet need in the person’s life, or a reaction to a situation which the individual feels is out of personal control. The outbursts often give momentary feelings of relief, but this is transitory, and more often than not leads to feelings of guilt and anger. When engaged in again and again, it is addictive behavior which needs treatment if it is to be brought under control. While there have been instances of authorities stepping in to deal with celebrity misbehavior, more often than not, such actions go unsanctioned. This often leads the individual to ratchet up the actions and develop a feeling of privilege.

Anger Management Beverly Hills
Anger Management Beverly Hills
Anger Management Beverly Hills

When addictive behavior involving anger and rage; destructive behavior that disrupts society and it is not addressed with effective treatment, preferably on the volition of the individual engaging in the behavior, it can have negative effects far beyond the immediate surroundings. Young people, especially preteens and those in their early teens, are seeking an identity and, caught in the twilight between childhood and adulthood, susceptible to influence both negative and positive.

In our current world, where both parents often have to work to make ends meet, and the nuclear family doesn¹t have the firm guiding hand of older relatives like grandparents, this can leave the child open to influence by outside role models. Stardom and celebrity status confers upon the individuals mentor status, and even those who reject this designation serve as models for the young who follow them.

When young people begin to ape the negative, destructive actions of their celebrity role models, parents are often at a loss as to what to do. In fact, there is nothing a parent can do about the role model’s behavior. It is possible to mitigate the effect of this behavior on one¹s own children. This is done by providing a more immediate, compelling role model for the youth, at home and in school. Even working parents can, if they use their imagination, find ways to engage young people in ways that establish alternatives to celebrity role models.

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