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Coping with Emotions: Shame and Anger

By Marty Brenner CCDC

We find ourselves having to deal with a wide range of emotions as we go about our daily lives; some of which are extremely difficult. Among the emotions that create the most internal conflict are those relating to shame and anger; emotions that are often linked.

Becoming angry is an emotional reaction to events around us, either caused by external actors, or by our own actions. These feelings can be compounded by the stress that is an unfortunate component of our lives.

When we lack complete self awareness, events can increase stress causing us to react; often by lashing out verbally or physically at the source or initiator of the event. Many people, when they become upset, then feel shame at having done so. Click here to read more »


Lindsay Lohan Claims She’s Not Drinking But Expert Says She’s Heading Towards Relapse — Exclusive

Addiction specialist Marty Brenner thinks Lindsay needs immediate help and says he’s concerned about her younger siblings

Lindsay Lohan may be in recovery but her recent behavior could be putting her sobriety in jeopardy. Last weekend she went to the Beauty & Essex lounge in NYC where they serve champagne in the bathroom … and she visited the bar two nights in a row! Is this the right behavior for a recovering addict?

It’s a slippery situation,” explains Beverly Hills Addiction Recovery and Anger Management Specialist Marty Brenner. “She’s heading right to a relapse.”

Lindsay went to Beauty & Essex with her brother and a few friends on March 18 and March 19. They had dinner in the Grand Dining room then moved to the Pearl Lounge after eating beer-battered Maine lobster tacos and seared Nori spiced tuna. Click here to read more »


Learning Anger Management Lessons from Charlie Sheen – How Not to Do It

For a good example of an emotional and career meltdown fueled by a combination of stress and anger, there’s no better current example than the professional ‘suicide’ committed by actor Charlie Sheen.  Sheen’s February 24 rant on radio against Chuck Lorre, creator of the popular TV show “Two and a Half Men”, and nominally his boss, was the bridge too far, causing his attorney to receive an 11-page termination letter for the mercurial star.

A High Performing Family is Perhaps a Source of Stress

Born Carlos Irwin Estevez on September 3, 1965, the youngest son of actor Martin Sheen, whose real name is Ramon Gerardo Antonio Estevez, he anglicized his first name and adopted his father’s stage name.  Sheen’s father, son of an Irish mother and a Spanish father, took the stage name Sheen in order to get acting parts, often denied ethnic performers. Sheen comes from a family of actors, beginning with his father, and his siblings, Emilio, Ramon and Renee, who all perform under their real name, Estevez.

Signs of Instability Have Been Evident for a Long Time

Charlie Sheen’s personal life has been long marked with signs of an inability to control personal emotions. In 1990, for instance, he accidentally shot his fiancée, Kelly Preston in the arm. He has also been linked with a number of pornographic film actresses. He reportedly suffers from a serious drug addiction, and while on probation for a drug offense in 1998, had to be admitted to a hospital for a cocaine overdose. Sheen also has a record of physical and verbal abuse of spouses, and has been sentenced by the court to undergo anger management classes. Click here to read more »


Charlie Sheen needs to be committed or ‘he may die,’ says addiction expert

written by: Meaghan Murphy, Fox News

Is Charlie Sheen ready to go off the deep end, or did that ship already sail?

One addiction specialist reached by FOX411 is even fearing for Sheen’s life after hearing the actor’s radio rant on Thursday in which he went after the producer of “Two and a Half Men,” Alcoholics Anonymous, and ex-wife Brooke Mueller.

He’s holed up in the Bahamas with two porn stars, drinking and using drugs and thinking that he has everything under control. I just hope he doesn’t die,” Beverly Hills-based addiction expert Marty Brenner, who does not treat Sheen, tells FOX411. “It’s taken down bigger stars than him. There’s no way the body can last that long—your body has to give in. The body starts falling apart and deteriorating.”

After hearing Sheen’s rambling interview with radio host Alex Jones, Brenner believes that the ‘Two and a Half Men’ star is still using drugs and alcohol. Click here to read more »


Charlie Sheen’s Taken It Too Far

Industry Insiders: Charlie Sheen’s Taken It Too Far — He’s ‘Killing His Career!’

Courtesy of CBS

Charlie Sheen has been unstoppable thus far, but after his rant on the radio Feb. 24, two insiders — a celebrity image expert and an addiction specialist — say he’s reached the end of his rope…and it’s not going to end pretty.

It’s no wonder Charlie Sheen thinks of himself as invincible. Drugs, porn stars, domestic abuse…none of his many vices seem to affect his career. However, after his manic rant on the radio Feb. 24, insiders tell Charlie will suffer the consequences of his behavior, all thanks to his nasty attitude.

During the interview with on “The Alex Jones Show,” Charlie, 45, bashed the creator of his hit show, Two and a Half Men, even using anti-semitic names. Talk about biting the hand that feeds!

Greg Gayne / Warner Bros

“He’s going to get fired. He’s totally done,” Los Angeles-based image expert Michael Sands says. “He’s not being gracious…he’s being insulting. Although it’s charming how he plays himself on the show, he’s taking it too far. He outed the person who gave him this incredible opportunity that everyone in Hollywood is dying for, especially in today’s economic climate!”

Although Sands believes CBS has bent over backwards trying to support Charlie during his “recovery” and it’s a slap in the face when he acts entitled, he doesn’t consider Charlie’s remarks anywhere close as offensive as those of Mel Gibson.

“Charlie is talking like a drug addict,” Sands explains. “I know he’s not anti-Semitic…it was a tongue and cheek style dig. It wasn’t mean-spirited like Mel.”

That said, Charlie’s rant wasn’t that of an angry sober person. Los Angeles-based addiction and anger management specialist Marty Brenner says the actor was obviously altered in some capacity during the interview.

He’s not clearheaded whatsoever,” Brenner says. “He’s on a rampage and he doesn’t know what he’s doing. I think he’s insane.”  Click here to read more »

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