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Actress Lindsay Lohan is in jail today

by stacy brown (staff writer)
Published: July 21, 2010

Actress Lindsay Lohan is in jail today.

The star of such films as “Mean Girls” and “Parent Trap,” began a 90-day jail sentence Tuesday for violating the terms of a DUI probation. And, like many of her previous court appearances, Ms. Lohan’s arrival was not without controversy.

Dressed in blue jeans, a short black leather jacket and a corset wrapped around her waist, the 24-year-old left a California courtroom in handcuffs.

Although various media outlets reported that Ms. Lohan had hired former O.J. Simpson attorney Robert Shapiro, Mr. Shapiro was not with her Tuesday. Attorney Shawn Chapman Holley, who had quit as Ms. Lohan’s lawyer earlier this month, again represented her. Click here to read more »


Addicted to Anger?

Are you addicted to anger?

In the mid-1980s John Bradshaw, author of Healing the Shame That Binds You, wrote about “rageaholics,” those of us who are addicted to anger and rage. The model made sense to me. I worked with rageful drug addicts and I began to think of anger as if it were a drug. As I did more reading, I found that there actually are biochemical changes in our bodies when we rage, use profanity or pound things.

Those of us who rage a lot have more health problems than people who practice containing their anger. The popular psychological theories that suggested a need to express anger for mental and physical health reasons have been proven false when put under the microscope of scientific research. The more we scream and yell, the worse our health gets, the more prone we are to heart attacks and the worse our rage problem becomes.

Sure I get angry. Doesn’t everybody?”

This article is certainly not for all people. Some people may need to learn to express their anger, but others have become addicted to the expression of anger just like the alcoholic has become addicted to alcohol. As with the alcoholic, solemn oaths to use willpower to “control ourselves” have failed repeatedly. Still, we continue trying to do more of what has not worked.

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Coping with Today’s Tumultuous Environment

The age in which we live is full of stressors that can build and trigger a slew of negative emotions.

Anxiety and frustration are everywhere in today’s society and the way in which we choose to deal with them can have a profound impact on our lives. What we choose to do with our pain is up to us.

Channeling it into a negative place can be devastating for us and others. Finding ways to cope with anger positively can improve the quality of our lives and relationships.

The bad news is everywhere, and hitting close to home for many of us. Who doesn’t know someone who is facing the loss of a job or the threat of foreclosure? Companies are downsizing and layoffs are happening.

Unemployment rolls are getting longer by the day. The downturn in the economy is old news. The fallout from this situation is what’s relevant now. The nightly news is profiling the everyday person who is facing homelessness and the ones who are a paycheck away from losing everything. The press has even recently reported on people who have taken their own lives after being foreclosed on.

What’s happening is that people feel they are losing control. And with that fear comes anger, anxiety, depression and desperation.

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Nice Try, Lindsay Lohan —

But Experts Say Not Even A Sober House Is Going To Keep You Out Of Jail!

Although it might help her detox before heading to the slammer, experts tell that Lindsay’s stay at her lawyer’s sober house won’t lessen her jail time

We applaud you that you’re trying to clean up your act, Lindsay Lohan, but sorry – it’s too little, too late! While drying out at Pickford Lofts, your lawyer’s sober house, might be a good move for your body, two experts say there’s no way this desperate stunt will change Judge Marsha Revel’s mind about your 90-days of jail and 90-days of rehab sentence! Click here to read more »


Mel Gibson: Is He Abusive Because He’s Bi-Polar, An Alcoholic Or Just A Jerk? spoke with top psychologists, psychiatrists and an anger management and addiction expert about Mel Gibson’s shocking rants — and learned what they reveal about his mental health!

Mel Gibson is a recovering alcoholic and an alleged manic depressive, but does that explain his horrific ranting at his now ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva?

In four recorded phone-wars that have now leaked on the Internet, the 54-year-old screams racial slurs, drops the C-word and threatens to kill the mother of his eight-month-old child, Lucia — all the while huffing and puffing like he’s having a panic attack.

Some are saying Mel’s abusive behavior can be partially blamed on his mental health. Nearly ten years ago Mel admitted in a documentary called Acting Class of 1977 (released in 2008) that he had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

“I had really good highs but some very low lows,” the Braveheart actor said. “I found out recently I’m manic depressive.” consulted with top doctors and therapists in the psychiatric field and the response was nearly unanimous. Despite his alleged diagnosis, Mel’s mental instability cannot be completely to blame for his abusive and offensive behavior. Click here to read more »

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