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How to Build a Healthy Relationship in Tough Times

By Marty Brenner, C.C.D.C. #104227

When times are good, having healthy relationships can be easy. However, when times are tough, we need the support provided by a productive, mutually beneficial, healthy relationship; it is from such relationships that we derive the sense of worth and validation that is needed to weather tough times. Tough times can lead to problems with anger, loss of control, or development of bad habits, such as, addiction to drugs or alcohol.

Contrary to what might be believed, it is very easy to learn how to develop a healthy relationship in tough times. A few inner directed and outward focused steps will help anyone build the kind of relationship that serves as a suit of armor and an anchorage in battling the turbulent seas of hard times. Click here to read more »


Why People are Afraid of Change

Why People are Afraid of Change and The Unknown and How to Deal With It

By Marty Brenner CCDC
People are afraid of a great many things; death, public speaking, for instance; but the fear of change and the unknown ranks high on any list of things that provoke anxiety. The prospect of making changes in one’s life can be so intimidating that some people will forego making them even when to do so would be beneficial.

Change and the Unknown

Fear of change and fear of the unknown are related, because change means moving into unfamiliar territory. Faced with the prospect of change, people worry about making a mistake, being put into a worse situation, or failing to succeed. Their imaginations conjure up all manner of dire possibilities, a wide range of rationalizations for maintaining the status quo. Click here to read more »


Private Individualized Anger Programs

A Safe & Non-Judgmental Conversation

Able to Discuss Your Hidden Secrets in Private

Every Thing Discussed is Confidential

What are the Benefits of Individualized Program?

The Individualized Anger Management program is a person-centered program. That is, the program is organized around the specific needs of each individual person rather than organizing the person around a pre-determined program.

The specific anger issue, the depth and breadth of its expression, the unique learning style, time restraints, economic circumstance and level of commitment of each participant determines the duration, design and specific method used.  Click here to read more »

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