Have you been court ordered for Anger Management or Domestic Violence?

My program has been put together to satisfy court requirements in a simple and affordable way.

This class is a State approved Deferred Entry of Judgement (DEJ) Treatment Program and follows approved standards to insure quality treatment leading to the elimination of violence and abuse.

Courses are ideal for court requirements.

Your course includes 12 to 52 sessions, handouts and review, along with a Certified “Certificate of Completion” for your court appointment.

These programs are approved for any state in the US.

The first session usually starts with an introduction of the problems that need to be addressed. Talking about these problems will lay down the groundwork to what needs to be accomplished.

The first thing that will be asked of the clients is to avoid several different behaviors.

The proceeding session allow us to dive into the problems that we discussed in the first session and start helping the client find the solutions they need to maintain a peaceful and rewarding life.

After we tackle the different behavior patterns we will start to identify individual triggers. And finally, communication is the final step to help get the angry rage filled person back to communicating properly.

In these visits we will work on:

  • Underlying Issues
  • Handling crisis in a healthy way
  • Life skills and tools to live life in a healthy way

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