Experts Say UCLA Doctors Are Wrong! Lindsay Lohan Is An Addict & She Needs To Stay In Rehab!

Lindsay’s doctors say that the root of her problems are a misdiagnosis of the drug Adderall..but two experts tell they think that’s ridiculous!

Dr. Gregory Smith, creator of Comprehensive Pain Relief Group <> in Redondo Beach, Calif., calls the latest developments in Lindsay’s case “ridiculous” and explains why the Mean Girls starlet is — contrary to all reports <> — indeed an addict and should NOT be released from her UCLA rehab facility 60 days early.

“One of the tell-tale signs you can see in addicts is if they are continuing to do drugs and alcohol in the face of catastrophic problems…and she’s done that,” Dr. Smith tells us, citing the many times Lindsay was expected in court or on set, but failed to meet expectations because she was out partying. “During major problems in her life she STILL chose to do these substances.”

Los Angeles-based addiction expert Marty Brenner <> agrees that Lindsay has exhibited the behavior of an addict for years, and there’s no way it can be blamed completely on an Adderall ‘addiction.’

“If you walk like a duck, look like a duck and act like a duck, you’re a duck,” Brenner — who’s worked with the Lohan family in the past — tells “She’s in denial she has a problem, but all her actions and problems are going to get her into trouble again.”

Adds Dr. Smith, “The fact that she’s been detoxed is a good thing, but it doesn’t solve her other problems. She’s going to have another problem — it’s not a question of IF, but WHEN.”

Brenner’s biggest concern with letting Lindsay out of rehab at the end of August is that she’ll be free to revisit her favorite haunts…and old habits.

“Staying up late, doing the things she did, it’s not going to just stop,” Brenner says. “Now she has a prescription to really play. Lindsay needs to be in intense therapy for her behavior…she needs to accept responsibility for her problems.”