Here is what Marty’s Clients Say

"I first visited Marty for designing his website. I should say I don't have anger management or addiction problem, but having some life coaching can change the way we live! He is helping me break down challenges that I had in my life and showed me a different way to look at them and how to deal with them. I see Marty every day motivated to help people. He loves what he is doing. he considers the spiritual side of every move he does. He cares about his patients so much."

Dear Marty,

Just want to thank you for helping me. When I came to you I had real concerns over my inability to control my anger. My outbursts and reactions to situations were getting more and more extreme and I knew that if I did not seek help it would have serious consequences for myself and my relationship.

Having never sought therapy before I freely admit that when I searched on the internet for anger management therapy I did so with a certain amount of skepticism.

Hi Marty,

It's Jenna! The angry girl ... or rather the not so angry girl any more!!! ha-ha I don't know what you did to me ... but it seems to have worked!

Thanks for your help, and keep up the good work!!

When I am feeling down and out because of my panic attacks and and anxiety I know marty is there 24/7 to answer my calls and he knows what to say to keep me in the moment and relax.  Thank you for being who you are!

I am greatful the court ordered me to do 52 weeks of Anger Management.  While working with Marty and using his workbooks he taught me the underlying issues about what causes me to go into a rage and I also understand that anger is just an emotion.

I cannot recommend Marty highly enough. I have already suggested to friends that they use him and those that have, have not only enjoy the experience but have also been delighted with the results.

Best Regards

Marty is an intelligent, organized and ethical treatment professional. He has worked effectivly with former clients of mine and is particularly skilled in Anger Management and case management of the individuals he works with. In the experiences I've had with Marty I've seen him time and again, go the extra mile with those he serves.

Burt Cook
Marty has a true passion for clients suffering with addictions. His years of experience enable Marty to provide excellence and professionalism in his fields of treatment!

Matthew W.
Marty is an approachable, personable counselor with much knowledge and experience in helping people find recovery and overcome obstacles to greater success and happiness.

Darren H.
Marty is a straight shooter and really committed to helping others. You can count on him to do what he says. Clients like him and that is what matters!

Ann P.